Alkaline Water is Brilliant Marketing BS

I’ll keep this short: there is zero evidence that water marketed as “alkaline” is any better for you than tap water. It’s all marketing with no science to back it up.

First off, what is alkaline water? Many of us fall for the hype and we don’t even know what we’re supposed to get excited about. Pure water has a neutral pH of 7, and tap water falls around this range depending on its mineral content. Bottled water tends to be slightly more acidic, but bottled water labeled alkaline usually claims a pH between 8 and 10 (some are from natural springs and others reach this level through ionizing machines).

Although bottled water companies claim alkaline water energizes, detoxifies and even prevents cancer, there is simply no evidence that drinking water with a higher pH can change the pH of your body, or that it provides any benefits whatsoever. When we drink water that is slightly alkaline, our stomachs quickly neutralize it before it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Currently, there exists no scientific study showing any benefit to spending more for trendy water labeled alkaline. There are, however, studies highlighting potential dangers. Rats given alkaline water showed impaired growth and damage to cardiac muscles. A water plant in Germany accidently raised the alkaline level to 12 and people reported skin burns. (While 12 is excessively high, this accident does remind us that a higher pH is not better.)

Alkaline water is just another snake-oil trend that will soon pass like coconut water and colonic hydrotherapy. Don’t waste your money. Instead, spend this money on a quality carbon water filter and a Kleen Kanteen or Hydro Flask, and drink municipal tap water. Your body and your bank account will thank you for it.

(If you must continue to drink alkaline water because all the celebrities and athletes are doing it, buy a box of Arm & Hammer baking soda and make it yourself! And don’t tell Gwyneth Paltrow that her $900 water filter could be replace with a $2 orange box of baking soda that she already has in her freezer.)

Dr. H.