Don’t Waste Your Money on Gatorade.

Instead, eat a banana and drink water. A new study published last month proves that bananas provide comparable or even greater benefits for athletes. In the race against empty, hyped-up carbohydrates, real food wins again.

Energy drinks are little more than sugar water loaded with synthetic colors and flavors. Gatorade and other companies spend billions to brainwash us into believing that this sugar water is a magical elixir that will save us while working out. They want us to drink their neon-colored chemicals before, during and after workouts to replenish what we’ve spent in sweat. The truth is, a natural banana will benefit you more.

Your body needs fructose during an intense workout, but you might as well get that fructose from fruit – something found in the natural world that your body can digest as a whole food, instead of empty liquid calories. Unlike Gatorade and the rest, natural fruits contain other natural substances that have a greater impact on sport performance. Researchers studied competitive cyclists during a 47-mile bike ride and found that bananas outperformed energy drinks by reducing inflammation as well.

For your next workout or competition, trying eating natural fruit in its organic packaging instead of the artificial junk bottled and wrapped in plastic chemicals. If you really want to reach your personal best, learn to like dates which are packed with vitamins, minerals, energy, sugar and fiber!

Dr. H.