Food is Food.

Sound obvious? It’s not. Most Americans believe food is something else. They believe food advertises on TV, has long lists of impossible-to-pronounce ingredients and comes in packages stored on shelves for long periods of time – years even.

This is not food. Food is the stuff with one ingredient on the package or no package at all because you know what it is without anyone having to tell you. You may even know the word in several languages. As Michael Pollan says, real food is what your great-grandmother ate, and it’s what she would recognize as food today. If you strolled the supermarket aisles with your great-grandma, what would she think about the processed packaged items that overpopulate the shelves?

This is far from revolutionary. It’s the opposite of revolutionary – it’s what existed before the revolution. Our industrialized food complex is the capitalist revolution of greed over health, of a new definition of food that your great-grandma wouldn’t understand at all. Even if you shop exclusively at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, what would she make of Joe’s O’s or 365 Cola? Your great-grandma would not be duped by processed crap marketed as health food.

The good news is that you can stop dieting effective immediately. As long as you are eating real food, you can basically eat whatever you want as much as you want. Start this morning. Throw away all breakfast cereal. Scramble some eggs with real butter (add salt and pepper), peel an entire avocado to eat on the side, add a few dollops of full-fat sour cream, maybe some salsa, and enjoy your food. If you are not satiated after this meal, keep eating until you are. Just make sure you are eating food, the stuff your great-grandma would recognize.

Dr. H.