What Poisons Are in Your Body?

The New York Times published an article this week about our daily exposure to household poisons. Nicholas Kristof says "our bodies are full of poisons from products we use every day." Among these products, Kristof specifically calls out Colgate toothpaste!

He also points out that all plastics are toxic, even those that claim to be "BPA Free." In fact, BPF, the substitute for BPA, is far more toxic. Just when you think you are in the clear by avoiding BPA, you are actually causing your body more damage. Those hard-plastic reusable water bottles? Toxic. Vinyl shower curtains? Toxic.

Did you hear about ATM and other receipts? Toxic. Trader Joe's recently announced they are "now pursuing receipt paper that is free of phenol chemicals (including BPA and BPS), which [they] will be rolling out to all stores as soon as possible." Hey, it's a start.

Kristof explain that "chemical industry lobbyists have rigged the system so that we consumers just can’t protect ourselves adequately." The chemical companies spend tens of millions of dollars lobbying and have the lightest regulation that money can buy. Those of us who try to steer clear of toxic chemicals would need a Ph.D in toxicology to have even moderate success.

Kristof ends his Times piece by stating that the chemical companies are "running the show, and we are their lab mice." Isn’t it time we stand up for our health?

Dr. H.