Sugar is Political.

Big Sugar, like Big Pharma, cares little for your health. After reading the information on this site, you surely understand the myriad ways the mouthwash companies profit off your health and trick you into swishing poison. The sugar companies are no better.

The most emailed article in The New York Times today is “Big Sugar Versus Your Body” by David Leonhardt. In it, Leonhardt asserts that “Big Sugar has paid researchers to conduct misleading – if not false – studies about the health effects of added sweeteners.” Sound familiar? Big Pharma – including the major mouthwash companies – is guilty of the same offense. The industry funds studies that yield positive results and hides negative data. Search “Big Pharma” on Amazon and Google to find countless books and articles about the industry’s duplicitous tools to promote their profit-driven agendas.

Leonhardt encourages you to “resist the sugar industry’s attempts to profit off your body” and to think of this resistance as a “political act.” Resisting Big Sugar is an act of rebellion – it is the act of standing up for your health. Once again, this should sound familiar. Refresh, and what we stand for at Dr. H. & Co., is also political. We reject Big Pharma’s power to brainwash us into believing poisonous ingredients do not create a poisonous product. Big Pharma is like Big Brother brainwashing us into believing – not just thinking but truly believing – that 2+2=5.

Big Pharma and Big Sugar both spend billions to dupe us into buying their products and polluting our bodies. We at Dr. H. & Co. admit we are mad as hell. Furious. You should be too.

Dr. H.