Weston Price – The Most Famous Person You’ve Never Heard Of

More than 60 years ago, a dentist named Weston Price traveled the globe photographing and documenting the connection between healthy bodies and mouths. Around the world, Price consistently found the same results: people and cultures with excellent oral health and beautiful smiles were practically free of bodily disease.

Dr. Weston A. Price has been called the “Isaac Newton of Nutrition.” In his search for the causes of dental decay and physical degeneration that he observed in his dental practice, he turned from test tubes and microscopes to unstudied evidence among human beings. Dr. Price sought the factors responsible for fine teeth among the people who had them. Among the cultures Price studied were the Lötschental in Switzerland, Native Americans, Polynesians, Pygmies, and Aborigines. Price used the technology of the times, the camera, and took over 15 thousand photographs, four thousand slides and many filmstrips to document his findings. His findings were called “a masterpiece of research” and he has been compared to Charles Darwin.

Years later, we know that gum disease and tooth decay are linked to illnesses including diabetes, immune disorders, certain cancers, stroke and heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. H.